CAPTILISING ON THE PEAKY BLINDERS LOYAL FOLLOWING, WE CREATED a campaign FOR THE FINAL SERIES OF THE SHOW. WE encouraged fans to follow the very last orders from the Peaky Blinders. 
THIS WENT FROM FINDING HIDDEN ARTIFACTS IN OTHER BBC SHOWS TO CELEBRATING BIRMINGHAM CITY FC's HERITAGE AND RETURNING TO THEIR ORIGINAL NAME OF "SMALL HEATH ALLIANCE". As a reward for their participation they would receive special content, exclusive information and sneak peaks into show.
As part of the campaign we commissioned different illustrators to create the ooh that included a stamp enticing fans to interact further on instagram. 
design/art direction: clomotion
CREATIVE: BBC CREATIVE , patxi elizalde, Tom Flynn
producers: greg marshall, wesley denne
ARTISTS FEATURED IN OOH: STAN CHOW, Mark Murphy, ben wachenie, akse p19

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